Welcome to PBIS-SCP Canada!

Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports (PBIS)-Soutien au comportement positif (SCP) Canada, a network of the International Association for Positive Behavior Support for over 10 years, was established to provide English and French language schools with the necessary resources to create positive and predictable school environments that support improved student academic and social-emotional development. The PBIS-SCP Canada team is working to build a place where individuals at all levels of involvement in the PBIS-SCP process can communicate and collaborate with each other, and access relevant research-based resources to support their efforts. The anticipated outcome is the implementation and sustainability of effective school-wide practices in schools across Canada with positive effects for our children and youth.

Provincial/Territorial Contacts

Alberta: Chris Good (chris.good@rdpsd.ca)

British Columbia: Nathan Ngieng (nathan.ngieng@abbyschools.ca)

Ontario: Ann-Michelle McNulty (mcnula@ecolecatholique.ca)

Quebec: Normand St-Georges (norm.sfi@rogers.com)

Yukon: Alison George (Alison.George@gov.yk.ca)